PaxtonRob The Songs Remember

"What humankind forgets, the songs remember." ~Pax
          PaxtonRob is an American songwriter who enjoys writing songs that remember people, places, causes, and events.  Some songs are about love and relationships, some are about war, some are about societal needs and ills, some are just for fun, but Pax will not miss an opportunity to push against "shape-shifters" who twist valid perceptions into conspiracy theories for political gain at any cost.  Pax is far from being a so-called "fact checker" but he values the meaning behind the phrase  "Words matter."

         And coming soon, for better or worse, Pax is giving his 92 year old uncle (Professor Rohn) his own page here on the website, pending Professor Rohn's completion of anger management classes.         

          Digital albums and singles are available here, along with videos and lyrical content.  Physical content is available at CDBaby.com and CDBaby partners worldwide, as well as right here at "PaxtonRob The Songs Remember" hosted by Greater Big Bend Music, BMI, and BANDZOOGLE.

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