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Greater Big Bend Music, BMI (GBBM) is undergoing modification in 2018 to launch the "PaxtonRob" page which incorporates selected information and links from the sister website "PaxtonRob The Songs Remember".  The PaxtonRob page focuses on selected pieces of tribute, memorial, history, and public service through original or licensed songs that remember.  Controversy and clarity of expression are valued in original music featuring historical events, on-going politics and circumstances, and people of interest that significantly shape our future or potentially and actually impact human beings.  Enhanced recording and production techniques are applied to videos included in "The Mountain" playlist.

GBBM was originally organized in 1999 to provide fee-free and royalty-neutral administration for associated independent non-published writers desiring an Internet-based outlet for their songs to be digitally available  to the public. GBBM received no fees or associated revenues for this consideration and writers  continue to retain, ownership, control, publishing, and all creative and intellectual property rights of and to their songs. GBBM discontinued the free Internet-based outlet and ceased associating writers around 2008 and became a dormant, inactive entity.

GBBM offers access to owned or licensed music and videos for digital music services through Harry Fox Agency authorizations and direct service agreements.  GBBM is licensed by Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) and is authorized to exploit the music and songs of GBBM's owner and songs co-written with the owner. GBBM has never been authorized, since being founded, to exploit the songs or music of other songwriters, artists, or publishers at-large, and has no intention of seeking the required licensing to do so. 

GBBM was founded by Ron Patrick, Charles Miner, and Ed McFarland for the specific purpose of administering the musical works of the principals, and additional works of associated writers.  Technical media assistance and support was provided by our additional partner, Fred "Butch" Burns. Greater Big Bend Music (GBBM) is licensed by Broadcast Music Incorporated, Nashville, Tennessee, and is located in Tallahassee, Florida.

GBBM supports aspiring and professional songwriters affiliated with NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International, based in Nashville, TN) through local event-related activities and songwriting workshops conducted by the Tallahassee NSAI Chapter.

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GBBM is owned and managed by Ron Patrick.

This Website is presently under construction.  Last updated on August 9, 2018.

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